Meet the Xerox Audio Documents App

Have you ever wished someone would just read that long business document to you?  Are you an auditory learner that comprehends better when you hear something?  Xerox® Audio Documents App is an app available for use with your ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printer that will convert a hard copy document to an audio file.

Think of the implications. Now instead of having a room full of people read a document for a meeting or a workshop you can simply play the audio and everyone saves time by not having to read the document and you save paper and print time. You could even listen to the audio file during your drive or ride to work.

How Does It Work?

Open the app, enter your email, source language, and settings, and scan your document at the Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printer. An MP3 link is sent to the email address you specified. Open the file and listen to your document. Xerox Audio Documents app supports document submission in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. Check out this video ( to see just how quick and easy it is to scan your document to an audio file.

What Type of Documents Work?

Simple to even complex documents can be scanned.  Audio Documents can accommodate challenging document formats. For example, text displayed in columns can be interpreted into portable and convenient audio output. Best results are achieved with simple layouts with no handwriting, simple graphics, and no background color on the original.

Where to get the App and Support

You can try and buy the app by going to the Xerox App Gallery and selecting the Xerox Audio Documents under the General category.  You can review the Quick Start Guide and the information on the support site for the Xerox App Gallery. Support is available at the App Gallery board  or you can contact us at

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